Zine of the Month

What is a zine? It's a handmade little book, copied, cut, pasted, and xeroxed, usually sewn or stapled together.

Sign up to get a new zine in the mail every month! Starting August 2018-January 2019 I will be writing and mailing a monthly zine on a different topic. The first series is titled "If You Really Want to Know Me." The content will include true stories, interviews, poems, illustrations and more. I will also reissue my old zines at some point as well! I used to make zines when I was younger and I just love them for their honesty, roughness, and simplicity. The subscription cost is $300 to cover six months of creation costs and life costs. You can pay by check, Venmo or Paypal. I promise each issue will be unique and thoughtful. Sign up below and keep your eye on the mailbox in late August for the first issue!

I know that zines are usually very cheap! The value in this initial seemingly high subscription cost is that you are helping me kickstart this project. In the future I will be selling these zines for a much cheaper ticket price in local shops and bookstores. I will also do a few giveaways and there will be a window of opportunity to pay for the subscription sliding-scale! So if this first push is too much for you, know that I will always do my best to make my work as accessible as possible.

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Mail me at check: P.O. Box 26803 LA, CA 90026 Venmo: @Jacqueline-Suskin Paypal: jacquelinesuskin@gmail