Hear Her Song

I am so excited to announce my participation in this special project! I wrote tribute poems in honor of these incredible women. These poems are the lyrical base for "Hear Her Song"

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A musical celebration of extraordinary women, with honorees including @hillaryclinton, Chief Theresa Kachindamoto, Sister Marilyn Lacey, @michelleobama, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and more! Featuring music composed by an all-female cast of today's leading composers and songwriters, with poetry by @jsuskin and music direction by Kurt Crowley (@crodees1). Presented in partnership with @vitalvoices and @womenlikeusfoundation, with upcoming performances at Washington DC's @ngadc and San José's @hammertheatrecenter with @sjculture.

More information at http://thecanalesproject.com/hear-her-song

Jenni Boelken (@jenniboelkens)
Nadia Bushnaq
Hillary Clinton
ElsaMarie D’Silva (@pinthecreep)
Dr. Laurie Green
Chief Theresa Kachindamoto
Dasha Kell (@dasha_kelly)
Michelle Kennedy (@interactiveresourcecenter)
Sister Marilyn Lacey (@mercybeyondborders)
Jacqui Lewi (@revjacquilewis)
Celeste Mergens (@daysforgirls)
Nancy Noe (@nancynoelart)
Michelle Obama
Soledad O'Brien (@soledadobrien)
Dr. Nancy O'Reill (@drnancyoreilly)
Lynn Pric
Linda Rendleman (@lindarendleman)
Justice Sonia Sotomayor
Ariela Suster (@sequencecollection)
Kathleen Turner

Tiffany Ayali (@ayaliktiffany)
Sarah Elizabeth Charle (@secsmiles)
Anna Dagma
Emily Estefa (@emily_estefan)
Dina Fanai (@dfanai)
Emily Hal
Crystal Monee Hall (@crystalmonee)
Jennifer Jolle (@whycompose)
Molly Joyc (@molly.joyce)
Carla Kihlsted (@rabbitrabbitradio)
Emily Ko (@emykoh)
Tania J. Leo
Grace McLean (@thatgracemclean)
Kelly Mora (@kellymoran__)
Morle (@morley_music)
Madeline Myers (@madelinesmyers)
Katy Pfaff
Mazz Swif (@mazzmuse)
Georgia Stit (@georgiastitt)
Shaina Tau
Annastasia Victor (@annastasiavictory)

Poetry Reading at Nous Tous Gallery

On April 29th I hosted a poetry reading at Nous Tous Gallery in Chinatown. It was a wonderful evening celebrating the work of poets Cecilia Woloch and Mary Ann Taylor-Hall. Poetry is alive and well in the world and I am so happy to support it in my community!

 Photos by Nous Tous

Photos by Nous Tous

 Mary Ann Taylor-Hall, Jacqueline Suskin, Cecilia Woloch

Mary Ann Taylor-Hall, Jacqueline Suskin, Cecilia Woloch

Songs For Vital Voices

I recently had the honor of writing the first four songs for a new collaboration with Vital Voices. As the Artist in Residence for The Canales Project, I was asked to write lyrics to celebrate recipients of Global Leadership Awards. It was an honor to create words to commemorate the work of women who are changing the world around them and I look forward to writing many more songs in the coming months. More info soon!